Gold Leaf Peach


On this gold dome, I was the boss gilder.
Total gold leaf was 80k.

Gold Dome

A buddy and me working on the gold leaf. I'm in the back.

Buddy and Me Gilding dome

Gold Gilded shield in marble floor.

Gilded shield in marble

Before picture of a mahogany horse carved by a master carver.

Before Mahogany Horse

After picture of the mahogany horse with primed and gold gilded
saddle, clips and maire. Roses and flowers are oil painted.
Pictured in carousel magazine.

After Gilded Mahogany Horse

Before Womans face with gold size and scroll work.

Before womans Face

Finished gold gilded Womans face including architectural

Finished gilded womans face

Before Queens mask made out of plaster, primed and glazed.

Before plaster womans face

Finished silver gilded Queens mask.

After Gilded plaster womans face

Before Copper horn, circa 1915. Never gilded.

Before never gilded copper horn

Finshed Copper horn, circa 1915. Gilded burnished gold leaf.

After gilded  copper horn